Monday, 21 July 2014

Tomorrow evening with Google

Whenever I can, I always try to catch the lift with Marcus when work’s done. He’s the janitor for our floor, and whilst I don’t really like him, his Google room temperature is way, way lower than mine. Spending time with him is the standout part of my day, and I will happily chat crap to him just so I can feel something close to a breeze on my face for half a minute.

When I leave the building I normally turn left like Maps tells me to – it’s a quick route and it cuts through Paternoster square so it’s always lively, and I’ve got yesterday’s lap time on display to keep me on my feet. It can get kind of annoying when other people are obviously doing the same thing, especially when you’re weaving between groups and then you come head-on with someone else slipping through, and it throws you so much you lose like two seconds on your clock.

I really hate that as it kills my badge run. If I remember to call out for a photo I’ll put their face in BitchslApp later on and just keep backhanding them while I eat dinner. It normally pays off as I get my best SlapStreaks when I’m already kind of wound up, so I get something to throw on Twitter before bed. I don’t think I’ll ever beat my 54 Slap Happy run though – that guy’s face just called for it, and I don’t care if he cried about it on Reddit after. He shouldn’t spend so much time stalking random accounts.

Evenings are pretty boring at the moment, especially if I’ve got no scores to show, and I spend a lot of time just browsing people from uni on Facebook (with OneWay installed obvs). I’ve got Buzzfeed set up to hit me with bundled notifications on any stories I missed while I brush my teeth, so I’m sped up on the news. I’m finding I want to stay up to date a lot more these days.

Sleep comes pretty easy since the new Android update; the shift in Flux is much less harsh on my eyes which is really nice – I finally get all the fuss from the iOS crowd, but if I’m really struggling I’ll sometimes load up Rainymood to cancel out the room.

Dreamscape’s latest series of work scenes are really useful, and I’m finding that my productivity is actually at its best during sleep. I make sure each dream ends with a prompt to activate YogaMate for 6am – obviously I could set an alarm but I like the transition in-dream. It just feels more natural.