Thursday, 5 April 2012

Spectrum MiniMix: Electric Friends

Another week, another Spectrum MiniMix. This time around, we're taking a journey through the world of synthpop, covering some classics of the European 80s scene, before moving into more recent forays - with a particularly well-received Kavinsky track finishing things off (movie trivia, fact fans; Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn previously dabbled with Digital Versicolor - featured here - on 2009's equally awesome Bronson). Electric Friends, let's go!

1. Com Truise - 'VHS Sex'
2. Glass Candy - 'Digital Versicolor'
3. Ruth - 'Polaroid / Roman / Photo'
4. Gary Numan - 'Metal'
5. Charles De Goal - 'Technicolor'
6. The Knife - 'Like A Pen'
7. Kavinsky - 'Nightcall'