Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Spectrum MiniMix: A Dream of You

It's a grey, wet day outside, and indoors isn't much better. So what better way to lift yourself out of the mire and into the clouds than with this half hour of pure condensed musical aether? Today's mix provides an introduction to some of Dream Pop's undisputed classics, as well as offering insight into some of the contemporary offerings available (man, that Boy Friend track...).

Fancy spacing out for awhile? Then just click here (Spotify required)

Track list:
1. Cocteau Twins - "Evangeline"
2. Mazzy Star - "Cry, Cry"
3. Holly Miranda - "Joints"
4. Boy Friend - "False Cross"
5. Youth Lagoon - "Montana"
6. Galaxie 500 - "Snowstorm"
7. A Sunny Day in Glasgow - "C'mon"
8. Julee Cruise - "The Voice of Love"